How to Compete in a Low
Interest Rate Environment

Over the last few years, the number one problem voiced by both companies and distributors is low interest rates. Our recent white paper lists many strategies on how to compete given the current landscape.

This white paper is not about technical investment strategies... it’s about simple marketing, sales and profit strategies that you can follow to help maximize your competitive position and get you through difficult times. Click below to download the full white paper.


Video Series
Longevity Insurance

Longevity insurance is a special variation of the single premium immediate annuity (SPIA). It provides protection from outliving your assets in retirement. We believe this is a simple and under-used valuable product that companies should consider offering as part of a middle-market simplified retirement plan.

In order to show the value of this product, we’ve developed a series of power point videos showing how it works and how to sell it. Click below to download the full video.

Download Video Part 1
Download Video Part 2
Download the PowerPoint